Our Services

Thank you for your interest in the dental services we offer at 7 Day Dental Smiles in Post Falls. Our dental office is dedicated to excellence through preventative, cosmetic and restorative dental care for the entire family. Not only do we offer exceptional dentistry Monday through Friday but we are open after hours and on the weekends for your regular dental appointments and emergency dental care in Post Falls. Please view the treatments our dentists offer and give us a call to schedule your next dentist appointment with 7 Day Dental Smiles.
Preventative Dental Care
At 7 Day Dental Smiles in Post Falls, Idaho, we are committed to your family’s oral health. Healthy teeth and gums start with great preventative dental care. We focus on education to help you and your family achieve the best results for your oral health. The dentists at 7 Day Dental Smiles main goal is to stop the development of oral diseases or to find it at an early stage. Prevention includes receiving regular dental exams, cleanings and x-rays. Other great preventative treatments that we offer include sealants and fluoride. Each exam always comes with a thorough oral cancer screening for all of our patients. We use the latest technology to diagnose problems that may exist using intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays, which can dramatically reduce the amount of radiation exposure.
Periodontal Care
Periodontal disease is the attack of the gums and the supporting bone of the teeth. Puffy, red and bleeding gums usually characterize it. Periodontal disease is known to be the leading cause of adult tooth lose. Many people have periodontal disease and are unaware, as it usually appears painless in the early stages. Research has suggested there is a link between periodontal disease and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, pre-term labor, stroke, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia. The treatment of periodontal disease that you will receive from our dentists at 7 Day Dental Smiles will depend on the type and the severity of the disease. If it is caught in the early stages regular cleaning visits may be able to stop the progression. However, if it has progressed to a more advanced stage we may recommend a deep cleaning called scaling and root planning. Deep cleanings are usually completed one or two quadrants of the mouth at a time and are generally completed with local anesthetic. The goal of the procedure is to have the pockets that surround the teeth shrink to a manageable depth for proper maintenance.

An electronic toothbrush, flossing aids, medicated mouth rinses and certain medications may be recommended to aid in the healing process. If the disease has progressed to a more advance stage and we do not see any healing after scaling and root planning periodontal surgery and possible referral to a Periodontist in Post Falls (a specialist) may be required.
Restorative Care
Restorative dental care can become necessary due to tooth structure damaged by decay, trauma or a poor bite. This damage can disrupt the health of the surrounding teeth, increase the risk of infection and even disrupt the body’s digestive process. Due to many advances in dentistry there may be many options for you to restore your teeth back to a healthy state. At 7 Day Dental Smiles, our Post Falls dentists are committed to discuss all of your available treatment options and recommend the most comfortable and least invasive treatment.

Our Post Falls dental office offers the finest materials to help restore your teeth to a natural look and feel. We offer a wide arrangement of treatment options to help:

• Enhance your smile.
• Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth.
• Improve or correct an improper bite.
• Prevent the loss of a tooth.
• Relieve dental pain.
• Repair damaged and decayed teeth.
• Replace missing teeth.
• Replace old, unattractive dental treatments.

Our treatments at 7 Day Dental Smiles include the following:

• Tooth colored fillings
• Cosmetic Tooth Bonding
• Veneers
• Night Guards (Occlusal Guards)
• Crowns (Caps)
• Bridges
• Implant Placement
• Implant Restorations
• Implant Supported Dentures and Partials
• Dentures
• Partial dentures
• Root Canal Therapy
• Extractions
Cosmetic Dentistry
Having a healthy and beautiful smile is important to many of us. Fortunately, dental techniques and technology has grown leaps and bounds in the past decade to improve cosmetic dentistry and what dentists are able to offer. 7 Day Dental Smile’s dental office and providers strive to give you the most beautiful smile with the latest and greatest advancements available in cosmetic dentistry. Some of the available options include:

• Teeth Whitening.
• Repairing chipped, cracked, broken or decayed teeth.
• Filling in gaps or spaces between teeth.
• Adjusting the shape or size of teeth.
• Replacing missing teeth.
• Replacing old, failing, unaesthetic dental treatments.